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Our aim is to be compatible with the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Level 3 accessibility standards. If you find any errors or have suggestions as to how we could improve our site, please send an e-mail to

Features for Vision Impaired Users

While this site has been structured to maximise access by screen readers, you can also override most of the design features of the site, to change the font, font size, font colour, or background colours to suit your visual preferences.

Keyboard Access

The site is also designed to be easily used by those who prefer to use a keyboard instead of a mouse. The pages on this site all offer a consistent tab order through the links on the pages, and it permits keyboard users rapid access to areas of the site through the use of access keys.

How to find information on this site

Every page of this site is laid out so a screen reader can read each page from left to right and top to bottom.

The site is divided into sections. The main sections are listed in the main site wide navigation, at the left of every page. Clicking on one of these main site-wide navigation links, takes you to the top page of the relevant section.

Again, you will see the main site-wide navigation, followed by the page heading. To the right of the page heading, if there are more pages in the section, you will see section-wide navigation labelled "In This Section" which links to these pages. Clicking on one of these links takes you to the relevant page.